GCLMGlutamate-Cysteine Ligase, Modifier Subunit
GCLMGrants, Contracts and Loans Management (Washington)
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Therefore, systemic chemotherapy became the predominant treatment method for serum AFP-elevated gastric cancer with liver metastasis (GCLM).
Trees of GCLM and GS showed that the tunicate cluster, represented by Botryilus schlosseri and Ciona intestinalis, is always positioned close to the cephalocordate + vertebrate clade (Figs.
For the amplification of regions capturing the GCLM (-588C/T) and GCLC (-129T/C) polymorphic sites, we used primers as described by Nakamura et al.
Besides, the jujube-containing herbal decoctions, including Guizhi Tang, Neibu Dangguijianzhong Tang, and ZaoTang, induced neuronal differentiation and expressions of antioxidant enzymes in cultured PC12 cells [46], for example, GCLC, GCLM, GST, and NQO1 via the activation of ARE.
The membranes were then blocked with TBS-Tween 20 solution containing 5% nonfat dry milk and incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C with specific antibodies against Nrf-2 (1:200) (ab31163, Abcam, USA), GCLM (1:1000) (ab126704, Abcam, USA), HO-1 (1:200) (ab68477, Abcam, USA), and [beta]-actin (ab8226, Abcam, USA).
In this study, we found that GW4064, a typical FXR activator, causes significant increases in the mRNA levels of phase II conjugation enzymes and phase III transporters, including glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) (Gst[alpha]3 and Gst[alpha]4), as well as of GSH metabolism-related genes (Gclm, Gpxl), glucuronosyltransferase (Ugtlal), sulfotransferases (Sultlal) (phase II), and efflux transporters (Mrp2 and Bsep) (phase III), which is consistent with the findings reported by Lee et al.
This cluster is formed by a new connection between Gclm in 32 probe group and Hdgf in the 12 probe group.
MPTP induced significant increases in other endogenous genes regulated by the Nrf2-ARE pathway, including glutamate cysteine-ligase, catalytic subunit (GCLC), glutamate cysteine-ligase, and modifier subunit (GCLM); however, LSN treatment did not affect them (Supplementary Tables 2 and 3).
The key enzymes that regulate de novo GSH synthesis, including GCLC, glutamate-cysteine ligase, modifier subunit (GCLM), and glutathione synthetase, are well-documented ARE-dependent genes.
Otros cuatro participan en vias inflamatorias o en la formacion de especies reativas de oxigeno (CARD8, ICSBP1, STX6 y GCLM).