GCMDGlobal Change Master Directory
GCMDGlobal Circulation Model
GCMDGrand Canonical Molecular Dynamics (chemistry)
GCMDGround Command File
GCMDGaining Command
GCMDGeneralized Cardiovascular-Metabolic Disease
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Online catalogs, such as the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Clearinghouse (FGDC 1996), NASA's Global Climate Master Directory (GCMD, http://gcmd.gsfc.nasa.gov/), and NASA's EOS Clearinghouse (ECHO, http://www.echo.eos.nasa.gov/) have been developed to facilitate the discovery of the services.
NASA'S Global Change Master Directory (gcmd.gsfc.nasa.gov/Resources/pointers/glob_warm.html) serves as a clearinghouse of links to hundreds of Web sites about global warming.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) (http://gcmd.nasa.govl) is a comprehensive, searchable source of data and information with broad coverage of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, solid earth, and biosphere [4].
This interface was included in 1997 within the operational GCMD where it is offered as an alternative experimental service (http://gcmd.nasa.gov).
They utilized the generalized cumulative minimum deviation (GCMD) rule and compared it to three other rules.
It is compatible with WIS and the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD).