GCOBGreat Chain of Being (philosophy)
GCOBGalway City Outer Bypass (Ireland)
GCOBGrants and Contracts Operations Branch (US NIH)
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Pending the successful conclusion of lease negotiations with the GCOB, construction will begin in 2010 with completion planned for 2012.
We encourage GCOB efforts to decrease the time needed to resolve these and other criminal cases by increasing the resources and manpower available to prosecutors, judges, and magistrates.
The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (GCOB) cooperates closely with the U.S.
GCOB law enforcement officers have noted that Haitian traffickers are concealing their drugs in hidden compartments in wooden-hulled sailing freighters and Haitian criminal organizations are commingling drugs with illegal migrant smuggling.
During 2007, INL funded training, equipment, travel and technical assistance for GCOB law enforcement and drug demand reduction officials; procured computer and other equipment to improve Bahamian law enforcement capacity to target trafficking organizations through better intelligence collection and more efficient interdiction operations; provided funding to the National Drug Council (NDC) so its staff could participate in a University of the West Indies on-line course in prevention and treatment of drug addiction; and funded a survey of drug use among individuals admitted into hospital emergency rooms.
Standing up, staffing and funding its National Drug Secretariat will greatly assist GCOB efforts to implement its 2004 National Anti-Drug Plan.
The DEA in conjunction with the DEU and Bahamian Customs initiated a program in Great Inagua to enforce GCOB requirements that vessels entering Bahamian waters check-in with Bahamian Customs.
No senior official in the GCOB was convicted of drugrelated offenses in 2006.
GCOB prosecutors pursue USG extradition requests vigorously and, at times, at considerable expense.
GCOB prosecutors pursue USG extradition requests vigorously in the Bahamian justice system defendants can appeal a magistrate's decision, first domestically, and ultimately, to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London.
The DEU and Bahamian Customs, in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), continued a program in Great Inagua to enforce GCOB requirements that vessels entering Bahamian territorial waters report to Bahamian Customs.
In 2010, GCOB and NGO drug prevention efforts focused primarily on schools and youth organizations on New Providence, Grand Bahama, and other population centers.