GCOCGreater Columbia Obedience Club (est. 1968; Columbia, SC)
GCOCGlasgow Chamber of Commerce (UK)
GCOCGreen Committees of Correspondence (est. 1984; political party)
GCOCGeneral Conditions of Contract
GCOCGnostic Church of Christ
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GCOC personalizes the online classroom student experience with ClassLive Pro's VoIP and video capabilities to engage its students who enroll in its online learning program.
Using ClassLive Pro, GCOC instructors deliver interactive, real-time classes that include shared whiteboards, text messaging, and record/playback capabilities, including advanced voice over the Internet, and application sharing, participate in breakout rooms, video.
GCOC also uses ClassLive Pro to make staff more productive and students more successful by individualizing learning.
The GCOC is grateful the sponsors from the industry, Merck Frosst Canada Inc.
The GCOC is looking forward to meeting new graduate students.
In its GCOC decision, the EUB set a generic return on equity (ROE) for 2004 at 9.
However, the EUB's decisions received in July 2004 and August 2004 on the GCOC for Alberta utilities and on Phase I of the 2004 GRA for Alberta System, respectively, will have a negative impact on the expected results of the Gas Transmission segment.
In July 2004, the EUB released its decision in the GCOC proceeding.
In July 2003, TransCanada, along with other utilities, filed evidence in the GCOC Proceeding with the EUB.
The EUB's decision on GCOC sets a generic ROE for 2004 at 9.
TransCanada has requested a return on equity of 11 per cent based on a deemed common equity of 40 per cent in its GCOC Application.
Final tolls for 2004 will be determined based on the EUB decisions for the GCOC hearing and both phases of the GRA.