GCODGrassroots Consortium on Disabilities (Houston, TX)
GCODGeneralized Complex Orthogonal Design
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In OLR of 26.7 gCOD.[l.sup.-1].[d.sup.-1] TSS decreased from 8 in inlet to 3, 2 and 1.2 g.[L.sup.-1] over first, second and third stages, respectively.
Figure 5 shows the effect of extended SSA and recirculation on average DO concentration for OLR values ranging from 40 to 70 gCOD.[L.sup.-1].[d.sup.-1].
"The Great Wisdom Mother and the Gcod Tradition." In David Gordon White, ed., Tantra in Practice, pp.
A December 2000 agreement between the OFSC and the ECCB places Dominica's offshore banks under the dual supervision of the ECCB and the GCOD Financial Services Unit (FSU).
The GCOD continued to implement its 2005-2009 National Drug Prevention Program.
(85) The use of dag pa here is most likely owed to the passage of PVSV, 109: seyam sakyaparicchedasesavisayavisuddhir avisamvadah; PVSV[supt], 473.7 [Ce 322b]: yongs su gcod par nus pa'i yul ma lus pa rnam par dag pa de ni mi slu ba yin no //.
(25) See Sh.2.1, p.514.2-5: dgung lo brgyad cu bgrangs pa dang /mdo khams kyi khams pa gnyis kyis gdams ngag zhus nas/ don thams cad rdzogs pa dang / da dpe gnang bar zhus pas/ sgros 'dogs gcod pa don gyi rgyud pa la/ yig chung gi lhad ma zhugs pa zhig dgos pa yin/ nga la yi ge ka tsam zhig yod re gsungs nas dbu bsnyung bzhes/ phyis yang ston gyis yi ger 'debs par zhu ba phul/ nan bskyed nas yang yang zhus pas/ 'bri mkhan gsum gyi bla ma'i thugs la bris pas zhag nyi shu'i khongs su 'bri rgyu byung / de nas dbu bzung nas dpon sras rnams kyis kyang / brjed tho than thun yig chung du zhus nas bkod pa yang gda'o/.
de Rossi-Filibeck on the lineage of "cutting off" meditation (gcod), and Achok Rimpoche on love and compassion.
14b: srod kyi mnal lam du bud med cig byung nas khyod la lo bdun gyi tshe las med zer nas/ chos ldan gyi dgos pa du ma sgrub pa'i gegs su gyur gyi dogs nas thugs'dzangs bar byung bas/ slar smon lam btabs/ bar gcod sel byed la ci phan dris pas/ tho rangs kha'i mnal lam du yod la/ tshe dpag med dang sgrol dkar kyi sku brgyad bzhengs na lo bdun cu don bdun thub/de nas bi byas kyang mi phan zer ba/.
sred pa'i zug rngu gcod mdzad pa'i // lam ni khyod la ngas bstan bya // khyed nyid kyis ni bsgrub bya ste // de bzhin gshegs pa ston madzad yin [//]
He received teachings from the bee-faced dakini deity embodied in the holy image of Jwalamukhi, performed Gcod at a cemetery near the site where the statue was kept, and participated in the tshogs (ganacakra) that the dakinis performed in a local temple while his companions (Dam pa gtsang and Yon btsun 'bum rgyal) were not allowed to do so.
of volume volumes 'Dul ba ka kha ga nga ca cha ja 13 nya ta tha da na pa 'Bum ka kha ga nga ca cha ja 12 nya ta tha da na Nyi khri ka kha ga 3 Khri brgyad ka kha ga 3 Shes rab khri pa ka 1 Brgyad stong ka 1 Khri sna tshogs ka 1 Dkon brtsegs ka kha ga nga ca cha 6 Phal chen ka kha ga nga ca cha 6 (one copy of rdor gcod) Mdo sde ka kha ga nga ca cha ja nya ta tha da na pa pha ba ma tsa tsha dza wa zha za 30 'a ya ra la sha sa ha a Myan 'das ka kha 2 Rgyud ka kha ga nga ca cha ja 20 nya ta tha da na pa pha ba ma tsa tsha dza wa zha Total 98 (In some pothis, one copy of Rdo rje gcod pa (vajracede) is included.