GCOPGulf Coast Office Products (Louisiana)
GCOPGlendale Civilian Observation Patrol (Glendale, NY)
GCOPGovernment Committee on Organization and Personnel (Vietnam)
GCOPGround Common Operating/Operations Picture
GCOPGeneralized Center of Pressure (rehabilitation science)
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The GCoP strives to meet the educational needs of the grape industry as a whole--including industry partners, extension employees and consumers--by providing science-based information and learning opportunities through eXtension.
The GCoP is expected to become a comprehensive online resource for research-based information by providing viticulturists access to content addressing all aspects of grape production for viticulture information.
The GCoP also launched a companion portal site to eXtension.org/grapes in 2011 called eViti-culture.org, which leads users directly to viticulture-related information about the eXtension.org site without the need to navigate through other unrelated content.
The cross-integration of committees within NGWI has benefited the GCoP, as new proposals are strongly encouraged to become linked to the GCoP for part of their outreach component.
Through this process, two projects funded in 2011 included the GCoP as part of their outreach component: "Accelerating grape cultivar improvement via phenotyping centers and next-generation markers" (Bruce Rei sch, PI, Cornell University) and "Northern grapes: Integrating viticulture, winemaking and marketing of new cold-hardy cultivars supporting new and growing rural wineries" (Timothy Martinson, PI, Cornell University).
Many specialists working in the Northern Grapes and Accelerating Grape Cultivar Improvement (VitisGen) projects are also members of the GCoP. Further ties to Northern Grapes and VitisGen include information dissemination.
(41.) Le Dang Doanh, International Colloquium on Public Administration (Hanoi: GCOP, 24-26 September 1996).
(43.) Government of Vietnam, Notional Public Administration Reform Program (Hanoi: GCOP May 1993).
(45.) The Government Committee for Organization and Personnel (GCOP) is the equivalent of the Civil Service.
The overall and student response rates of 54.0% and 60.5%, respectively, were expected, considering that active consent and assent were required for participation in GCOPS. In a similar survey conducted in Texas, the student participation rates were 80%, 58%, and 39% for 4th-, 8th-, and 11th-grade students, respectively.
(34) It is clear that OW children and adolescents from GCOPS are heavier than children nationally, with the EOW twice as high as national figures (4.3 vs 2.0) and the OW Gap, or the average amount by which OW children exceed their OW threshold, 36% higher than national figures (19% vs 14%).
In summary, the high OW prevalence and EOW observed among children and adolescents participating in GCOPS underscore an alarming health forecast for the state of Georgia.