GCPDGotham City Police Department (fictional police department)
GCPDGeneral Catalogue of Photometric Data
GCPDGallons per Capita per Day (water consumption)
GCPDGarden City Police Department (Garden City, NY)
GCPDGwinnett County Police Department
GCPDGaston County Police Department (North Carolina)
GCPDGeneral Conditional Probability Distribution
GCPDGibson City Police Department (Illinois)
GCPDGames, Comics, and Puppy Dogs (podcast)
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There is a growing perception that the 'war on drugs' approach has failed," the GCPD said on its Web site.
relationship with the GCPD may lead to the conclusion that he is a state
Batman's relationship with the GCPD provides a more definitive
relationship with the GCPD makes him a de facto officer.
working with Gordon and the GCPD directly, rather only leaving evidence
relationship with Gordon and the GCPD may, at times, require that Batman
In the comic series Gotham Central the GCPD attempt to get
Because of their corruption and him not being able to find the source of that corruption in an efficient manner, he's moved on to the GCPD to try and help Gotham as much as he can while always keeping an eye on Bruce.
With her character's newfound love, the actress said that the plot will thicken because Lee is back at the GCPD where she is bound to run into Jim again.
It would just be really cool to just start a scene in the GCPD and just pan, like start on a newspaper that says, 15-year-old boy in Metropolis saves busload of kids from drowning.
The GCPD has no choice but to bring Jim in when the new "Electrocutioner" goes on a criminal spree.