GCPRGerman Conference on Pattern Recognition
GCPRGlobalCom PR (Brussels, Belgium)
GCPRGovernment Computer-based Patient Record
GCPRGwinnett County Parks and Recreation (Gwinnett County, GA)
GCPRG-Coupled Protein Receptor
GCPRGranite City Property Rentals (Aberdeen, UK)
GCPRGreater Chesapeake and Potomac Region (American Red Cross)
GCPRGenesee County Parks and Recreation (Flint, MI)
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Although GCPR's lexical database might contain information about the lexical category of some words (for example, afui 'fire' is a noun) or it might contain Malay or Indonesian glosses for some words (for example, afui 'fire' is api in Malay or Indonesian), GCPR chose not to include lexical categories or Malay/Indonesian glosses in this dictionary.
GCPR's bilingual dictionary is a great contribution to the Lundayeh-Lun Bawang language, regardless of any criticisms that might be raised about the absence of certain features, such as Malay/Indonesian glosses, lexical categories and pronunciations for each word, a grammar sketch, an ethnographic sketch, and an English Lundayeh-Lun Bawang reversal index.
The dictionary consists of an alphabetized list of all the word forms which GCPR have collected, regardless of whether they are roots, derived stems, or inflected forms.
Although grammatical affixes have been excluded, GCPR's dictionary contains several thousand alphabetized words.
GCPR offers resins for both conventional printing and the digital printing market.
GCPR has state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities in the following countries: