GCQGifted Child Quarterly
GCQGlobal Care Quest (Aliso Viejo, CA)
GCQGroup Climate Questionnaire (behavioral science)
GCQGauss-Chebyshev Quadrature (numerical method)
GCQGeneric Quality of Life
GCQGeneralized Cascaded Quadruplet
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Note: Adaptations from the original GCQ are bolded.
The GCQs and GRQs in the AGQS are used to construct two asymmetric CH sequences that can be combined within the different types of sectors in our SH schemes.
Too, if you want to know how best to implement propensity score matching in educational research, a 2010 article in GCQ is right up your alley!
After careful consideration, Gifted Child Quarterly (GCQ), Journal for the Education of the Gifted (JEG), and Roeper Review (RR) were selected from gifted education.
It was put in a range called the GCQ range- "Q", as in quasi-judicial function - in order to afford it that level of independence.
The ICIS PocketPACS viewing application has been unveiled by Global Care Quest (GCQ), a healthcare software developer.
GC-mass spectrometric (GC-MS) analyses were performed on a Finnigan Thermoquest GCQ GC-mass spectrometer (Austin, TX) fitted with an on-column injector.
Real consumption is measured either by total consumption (series name = GCQ) or consumption of nondurables and services (GCNQ + GCSQ), each in 1987 dollars deflated by population.
Billerica, MA and Bremen, Germany 4/12/01--Bruker Daltonics announced that the District Court Duesselforf Germany in a written decision ruled that the Finnigan GCQ and LCQ multipole ion trap mass spectrometers infringed upon Bruker's European patent EP 0 336 990.
However, we did evaluate the effectiveness of GC-MS (SIM mode) and GC-tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) for ME analysis using a quadrupole ion trap with external ionization (GCQ; Finnigan MAT, San Jose, CA).
GC-MS measurements were performed with a Finnigan MAT GCQ type GC-MS apparatus.
(4.) The source of data was CITIBASE, and, in particular, its series GCQ, GIFQ, GINQ, GIPDQ, GIRQ, GDPD, FSPCOM, GDPD, FYAAAC, and FYBAAC.