GCRPGlobal Change Research Program
GCRPGlobal Change Research Program (US)
GCRPGood Clinical Research Practice (Copenhagen, Denmark)
GCRPGrid Code Review Panel (energy; Ireland)
GCRPGold Coast Rental Properties (Australia)
GCRPGovernor's Congestion Relief Plan
GCRPGuanylate-Cyclase Regulatory Protein
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The GCRP is meant to play a major role in transforming the WBG's work into prevention efforts, by addressing risks and drives with a deep understanding of crisis dynamics.
The GCRP provides a "cross-sectoral approach to prevention and preparedness" and a "multisectoral approach to modeling and monitoring crisis risks." Gender, education, social protection, job creation and youth empowerment are identified as key themes in the bank's crisis prevention and response programming, in addition to building institutions, systems and strategic partnerships.
In 1990, Congress passed the Global Change Research Act, (169) which established the GCRP and charged it with conducting "assessments every four years that 'analyze[] current trends in global change."' (170) After a hiatus during the George W.
The breadth of the Third NCA reflected the Obama Administration's strong support for the GCRP: President Obama increased GCRP funding by forty-five percent over eight years (176) despite attacks from Republican members of Congress.
Posteriormente, la Union Africana y la Organizacion de la Conferencia Islamica tambien condenarian las medidas represivas autorizadas por el regimen de Gadhafi en marzo de 2011 (GCRP, 2011: 1-2; Payandeh, 2012: 374-375).
agencies, and is to submit with in the GCRP in each agency's
This committee, called the assessment working group, will support and coordinate the applied parts of the GCRP, including the kind of end-to-end analyses advocated by Dowlatabadi.
We also reviewed major synthesis reports, such as those by the IPCC, the GCRP, and the CCSP, to identify relevant citations.
Pharmacokinetic studies of neuromuscular blocking agents: Good Clinical Research Practice (GCRP).
Improved relations between religious groups were also aided by the creation of the Ghana Congress of Religions and Peace (GCRP) in July 2005.