GCSAGolf Course Superintendents Association (networking organization)
GCSAGeorgia Charter Schools Association (est. 2001)
GCSAGreen Country Soccer Association (Tulsa, OK)
GCSAGeorgia Council on Substance Abuse
GCSAGateway Career Services Association (various locations)
GCSAGross Cell Surface Antigen
GCSAGram-Charlier Series Approximation
GCSAGreat Canadian Science Adventure (Canadian Association of Science Centres)
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La educacion superior en ciencias de la salud a comienzos del siglo XX se enfrentaba a la demanda de devenir mas cientifica y efectiva en la creacion de profesionales de la salud, segun quedo reflejado en el informe de Abraham Flexner (1910), mientras que un siglo despues fue confrontada con un conjunto de retos distintos entre los que se destacan la mejora de calidad, equidad, relevancia y efectividad en la provision de los servicios asistenciales, adecuacion a las prioridades sociales y economicas, con la consecuente redefinicion de los roles para los profesionales de la salud (GCSA, 2010).
Global Consensus for Social Accountability of Medical Schools, GCSA (2010, diciembre).
The winners of this year's (GCSA) went to the Chief Sustainability Officer of Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), Christopher Wellise, and the Chairman and CEO of AU Optronics, Paul Peng, for their contributions to driving sustainable businesses practices in the technology industry.
The role of the GCSA is to advise the Prime Minister and government on all matters related to science and technology and to ensure that policies and decisions are informed by the best scientific evidence and strategic long-term thinking.
Over the next two years, an amended PPA and GCSA were negotiated between ECG, the government and the developers.
The GCSA and PPA both followed a template established for Cenpower, and the PPA negotiation process was cut down from more than five years to one year.
As for online charter schools, GCSA lists three as virtual charter schools: Georgia Connections Academy Charter School, Georgia Cyber Academy, and Provost Academy.
Regarding democratic assistance, we use GCSA provided by OECD for all donor countries (DAC 5 CODE 150).
will be among more than 50 sponsors of the 2012 Georgia Charter Schools Association (GCSA) Conference, October 4-5 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Building B, Atlanta, GA.
Professor Chris Whitty, Interim Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) and Head of GSE Profession, said: I congratulate the profession on its impressive achievements over the past year.
The ASEAN Corporate Sustainability Summit & Awards (ACSSA) focuses on contemporary issues such as the role of social media and new business models for collaborative consumption while the Global CSR Summit & Awards (GCSA) focused more on exemplary programmes that have benefited communities and businesses alike.