GCSS-ARMYGlobal Combat Support System - Army
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It is true that GCSS-Army's industry-based SAP approach will not meet all battlefield requirements.
In April 2002, the Army directed a change in GCSS-Army (Field/Tactical) [GCSS-Army (F/T)], shifting from a custom development strategy to an ERP solution.
In November, the Army will finish fielding Increment 1 of GCSS-Army. What is the reaction in the field, and is it making the Army more ready ?
See the GCSS-Army fielding schedule and plan, smart book, related ALARACTS and articles at: http://gcss.army.mil/Library/
Units receive GCSS-Army training, conduct property accountability and inventories, learn deliberate risk management procedures, and complete equipment refresher training as necessary.
By making use of new technology and taking into account changes in aviation logistics processes, SCP 06 will provide quality logistics support for the Army aviation community through the transition period to GCSS-Army (F/T).
The key for the Army to successfully finish fielding GCSS-Army to 100,000 more users is for all leaders to demonstrate that GCSS-Army is important.
GCSS-Army is a huge change and that famous motto 'be prepared' is more important than ever.
LMP and GCSS-Army will improve supply and maintenance business processes with the intent of making the logistics tail more efficient and effective from the factory to the foxhole.
The Sustainment Support System for the Single Interface to the Field (S4IF) is the go to spot for GCSS-Army answers.
GCSS-Army F/T is replacing a variety of legacy tactical-level logistics information systems, such as the Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS), the Standard Army Maintenance System (SAMS), the Unit Level Logistics System (ULLS), and the Integrated Logistics Analysis Program (ILAP).
Using Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army), the 21st TSC analyzes unit shortages, leverages existing theater stocks, and readies replenishment items for when units arrive in theater.