GCSS-MCGlobal Combat Support System - Marine Corps
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The ability to seamlessly communicate requests for service, feedback, and status information between GCSS-MC and the Army STAMIS/GCSS-Army system is a primary objective.
The architecture supports the implementation of enterprise-wide processes for logistics and will be supported by a thoroughly modernized enterprise resource planning system, GCSS-MC.
The Phase II demonstration will provide an early opportunity to perform focused testing on the latest version of GCSS-MC's Release 1.1 software and evaluate its prospective future interoperability with the Army's STAMIS.
Information collected will also help the program office validate the choice of keeping the GCSS-MC platform at its new location permanently.
In preparation for the GCSS-MC's Release 12 software update, the GCSS-MC program management office released the Temporary R11 Instance, or TRI, to allow more time for testing of the R12 instance and to decrease risk at go-live and for develop training aides.
Our Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps, or GCSS-MC, has made tremendous progress over the past year and is on target to do the same in 2008.
This is a critical step forward toward the successful delivery of GCSS-MC.
These week-long exercises are helping us write new policies for the realignment of maintenance and supply processes that support our logistics modernization efforts and will be enabled by GCSS-MC. They are well along in this process.
GCSS-MC replaces the Supported Activities Supply System and Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System, or SASSY and MIMMS, respectively.
GCSS-MC is part of the Navy Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems portfolio of enterprise-wide information technology programs.
Tim Flynn, program executive officer for enterprise information systems, "The GCSS-MC demonstration is the most recent example of our sharp focus on the needs of the warfighter.
He said, "GCSS-MC is being developed not for the back room but for the front end of the spear."