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GCTTSGiant Cell Tumor of Tendon Sheath (rheumatology)
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These findings were consistent with GCTTS. Two months after the initial surgery, a decision was made to excise the remaining masses.
GCTTS is a common benign soft tissue tumor found in the hand which originates in the synovium of the flexor sheath.
In 2001, Al-Qattan described a classification system for GCTTS. The classification systems were macroscopically divided into two main types, tumor with or without a single pseudocapsule [2].
Our case also represents the largest number documented discrete GCTTS lesions in a single digit in current literature.
published the largest case series of GCTTS in the pediatric population [4].
Surgical removal is the standard treatment of GCTTS; removal of the entire lesion is important in order to reduce chances of recurrence, which is common if the lesion is not completely removed.
As far as we know, there has been only 1 reported case of GCTTS of the temporomandibular joint (6) and 1 case in the pinna.
The patient's history included removal of a GCTTS from her thumb many years earlier; that tumor had recurred at the same site 1 year later and it, too, was removed.
The histologic specimen exhibited the same features as did the earlier lesions that had been removed from her hand, and it was diagnosed as a typical localized GCTTS.
Classification and Nomenclature of Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumors (TSGCTs) Site of Origin Localized TSGCT Diffuse TSGCT Tendon sheath/bursa GCTTS Diffuse-type GCT Intra-articular Localized PVNS Conventional PVNS Abbreviations: GCT, giant cell tumor; GCTTS, giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath; PVNS, pigmented villonodular synovitis.
Recurrence of Giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath (GCTTS) is an unresolved issue, though it is basically a non-malignant condition.
(8) Diagnosis of GCTTS is possible preoperatively with a FNAC and helps in preoperative planning to prevent recurrence.