GCUSGulfcoast Ultrasound Institute (St. Pete Beach, FL)
GCUSGreat Cornard Upper School and Technology College (Suffolk, UK)
GCUSGonococcal Transformation Uptake Sequence (microbiology)
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The gas transmission network includes 250 compressor stations with 3,825 gas compressor units (GCU).
The 32 MW capacity is perfectly balanced with the throughput of a trunkline with a diameter of 1,420 millimeters the largest in diameter pipe used in gas trunklines (in exceptional cases the GCU capacity can be increased: for instance, the Portovaya compressor station, which ensures gas transmission via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, has several 52 MW gas compressor units).
Using the example of the Ladoga GCU, engineer Filippo Pizzi, who was born in Italy but has long lived in Russia, explains how a gas turbine works: The power turbine is split into two parts, namely the gas-generating section and the low-pressure section, or the so-called power section.
Board and Ryan-Wenger (2003) also compared parental stressors for mothers of a child in the PICU with mothers of a child in the GCU. The sample included 31 mothers of children in the PICU and 32 mothers from the GCU.
Board (2004) also used the PSS: PICU to investigate the levels of stress in fathers of hospitalized children in the PICU as compared to fathers of children in a GCU to pilot test the scale for reliability.
Similarly, the procedures subscale reflected 0.76 alpha on the GCU in contrast to 0.86 for PICU.
"Its the fourth US patent of GCU which is hopefully going to be landmark development for crime scene investigation," said Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mohammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman while talking to media regarding the approval of the universitys fourth patent application.
The patent in the field of forensics and nano-technology is the result of research done by Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) Director General Dr Mohammad Ashraf Tahir, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mohammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman and GCU Nano-chemistry Laboratory Director Dr Mohammad Akhyar Farrukh for developing indigenous strong and low-cost nano-powder for lifting latent fingerprints from nonporous surfaces such as metal, glass or plastic.
He expressed gratitude to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency DG for his technical support for research at GCU in the area of forensics.
Devon, a 3-week-old infant boy, is admitted to the GCU for observation following an episode of cyanosis at home.
The family-centered care approach can be applicable to nurses' facilitation of medical technology integration with caregivers' experience in the GCU as nurses play a role in balancing compassionate family care with utilization of medical technology.
Mark has been admitted to the GCU for fevers of unexplained origin, and she visits him every morning before returning home to care for her other children.