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GCVSGeneral Catalog of Variable Stars
GCVSGlasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (Scotland, UK)
GCVSGulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (Houston, TX)
GCVSGloucester Centre for Voluntary Services (Gloucester, England, UK)
GCVSGedling Community & Voluntary Services (Nottingham, UK)
GCVSGulf Coast Vacuum Services, Inc. (Louisiana and Texas; waste removal)
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Gemycircularvirus (GcV) were initially discovered in fungi, but a growing number of new species has been characterized by metagenomics in air, sewage, insects, and feces from a broad range of vertebrates (1-5).
Alan Bigham, of GCVS, said: 'Hassan has already identified the services the Somali families need, such as homework clubs and community events.
The between-assay and between-laboratory GCVs (7.5% and 14%) were of similar magnitude to those obtained for the coded duplicates (10% and 9.4%).
Star GCVS classification (58) GCVS mag range (58) U Cep Eclipsing binary (EA) 6.75-9.24 V U Ori Mira 4.8-13.0 V R Leo Mira 4.4-11.3 V R UMa Mira 6.5-13.7 V S UMa Mira 7.1-12.7 V S Vir Mira 6.3-13.2 V [beta] Per (Algol) Eclipsing binary (EA) 2.12-3.39 V [alpha] Ori (Betelegeuse) Semi-regular (SRC) 0.0-1.3 V T Mon Cepheid 5.58-6.62 V R CrB R CrB 5.71-14.8 V X Her Semi-regular (SRB) 7.5-8.6 p [beta] Lyr Eclipsing binary (EB) 3.25-4.36 V
One of the types that the author notes as being outside the GCVS classifications--AM Herculis stars--is in fact a GCVS class, having been added to Vol.
Variability between assays within each laboratory and between laboratories was measured by calculating geometric coefficients of variation (GCV x%) [9].
According to the GCVS it varies irregularly from magnitude 9.1 to 11.7.
DSV has an unbelievably large vocabulary and can recognize any request for objects in the Messier, NGC, IC, Uppsala, Abell, ADS (double stars), GCVS (variable stars), and Herschel catalogs.
Over 300 are listed in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars, or GCVS.
It can be seen that there seems to be a period that approximates to the 320-day period stated in the GCVS.