GCYGlobal Citizen Year
GCYGrowth Control, Y-Chromosome Influenced
GCYGreensboro Community YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; est. 1889; Greensboro, NC)
GCYGolf Club Ybrig (Switzerland)
GCYGrupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Spanish: Yuyachkani Cultural Group; Peru)
GCYGerman-Canadian Yearbook (publication; Historical Society of Mecklenburg Upper Canada)
GCYGold Coast Yachts, Inc. (US Virgin Islands)
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(34.) Rohde BH Chiou GCY Endogenous control of IOP by melatonin: Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1985, 26(Suppl) 104.
Many students get hooked on the river life and keep coming back for more, validating GCY's mission: to inspire curiosity about a landscape and its natural communities.
(They also raised money to pay for part of their trip's cost, and parents and GCY matched their amounts.) They volunteered in Flagstaff's soup kitchen, at orphanages in Peru, or with the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, building rainwater catchment basins.
Silver Honda CBF1000 motorcycle registration MT06 GCY stolen.
Chiou GCY, Yan HY, Lei HY, Li BHP, Shen ZF (1991) Ocular and cardiovascular pharmacology of tetramethylpyrazine isolated from Ligusticum wallichii Franch.
The first round of amplification contained 10 [rho]mol of each of the primers DOV1f (5.-GAT CTA TGA ATT GCY RGT GTT ATA-3.) and DOV1r1 (5.-ACA TTG TCA ATT TCT CAC CAT-3.), 12.5 [micro]L of 2x Master Mix (Abgene, Epsom, UK), 1 [micro]L of nucleic acid extract and sterile [H.sub.2]O to a final volume of 25 [micro]L, which was subjected to a thermal program of 95[degrees]C for 3 min, then 35 cycles of 95[degrees]C for 10 s, 58[degrees]C for 10 s, and 72[degrees]C for 50 s, then a final extension step of 72[degrees]C for 5 min.
The primer set used was E23P1 as a forward primer and HPV-N1 (5'-TAG GGG ATA CAT ARG TCR GCY T-3') as a reverse primer (5).
Four micrograms of total RNA from each brain region were used as a template for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primer sets representing three regions of sequence conservation in flavivirus genomes: NS3-1 (EDL/Fla-U5004, 5'--GGA ACD TCM GGH TCN CCH AT and EDL/Fla-L5457, 5'--GTG AAR TGD GCY TCR TCC AT), NS5-1.1 (EDL/Fla-U9093, 5'--AGY MGR GCH ATH TGG TWY ATG TGG and EDL/Fla-L9279, 5'--TCC CAV CCD GCK GTR TCA TC), and NS5-2 (EDL/Fla-U9954, 5'--GSS AAA KCH TAY GCN CAV ATG TGG and EDL/Fla-L10098 5'--AGC ATR TCT TCH GTN GTC ATC CA) (15,16).