GDAHCGreater Detroit Area Health Council
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As a health care leader that is recognized regionally and nationally, GDAHC works with everyone who gets care, gives care and pays for care to lift the quality of overall care in the community.
GDAHC is one of the oldest coalitions in the country.
The steering committee consists of representatives from the Big Three automobile manufacturers, the UAWsers, MSA, the Office of the State Employer, GDAHC, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), RAND, the Foundation for Accountability, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and HCFA.
Additionally, GDAHC has a number of products available online to assist purchasers and consumers in making health plan decisions.
The coalition uses the GDAHC request for information process to evaluate MCOs for contracting purposes as well as to identify quality improvement activities specific for each MCO.
As DaimlerChrysler's David Kempken puts it, "If we didn't have GDAHC, we'd have to recreate it.