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GDALGeospatial Data Abstraction Library
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Zhu, "How to apply the geospatial data abstraction library (GDAL) properly to parallel geospatial raster I/O?," Transactions in GIS, vol.
Chapters cover a range of GIS options, from using GDAL and OGR and analysis tools to PostGIS and other systems.
The book details the use of free mapping software and tools such as MapServer, GDAL, OpenEV, and PostGIS.
Experiments adopt C# language combined with GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) function to compile the rapid geographic reference software and achieve the UAV image rapid georeference.
In this paper, the method and model of UAV image rapid georeference are discussed in detail and the algorithm is implemented through C# language combined with GDAL. The rapid georeference software can achieve one flying sortie UAV image referencing in a short time.
Some recent studies have tried to apply Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) to parallel geospatial raster processing [19-20].
Firstly, all processes read metadata of the geospatial raster data to be processed using GDAL. These information is stored in a memory data structure, where includes: MPI file handle, columns and rows of raster data cells, bands of raster data, data types of cell, absolute offset address of raster data in the file.
Este sistema no soporta datos raster, por lo que se ha utilizado la libreria GDAL, con licencia X/MIT, para la escritura y lectura de mapas raster.