GDAMGodzilla: Destroy All Monsters (gaming)
GDAMGroupement de Développement et d'Animation du Monde Rural (French: Group Development and Rural World Animation)
GDAMGeometric Design and Modeling (United Kingdom)
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Concerning the international cooperation to fight the illegal trafficking of cultural properties, Director of law affairs in GDAM, Ayman Sulieman pointed out that UNESCO took important role in this regard, the most important of which, taking a number of diplomatic and legal measures and holding training workshops.
Others are touching upon Phya pa in papers dealing with early bKa' gdams pa, like Thomas Doctor, Kevin Vose, or Kazuo Kano.
Thus, the phrase probably will have to be emended to: [some previous Master] gyis gdams pa gnang.
Yu 'brang of dBu ru he performed his trademark miracle of levitating over water for the sake of bKa' gdams pa practitioners who did not have faith in him (ibid.
5, where the letter is referred to as yig mkhan rnams la gdams pa, "instruction to scribes," and is listed in volume Za (22) of the twenty-two volume edition of Bu ston's works at Bkra shis bsam gtan gling.
Now, if these men had left their manuscripts at Sa skya when they stayed there for some time in the first decade of the thirteenth century, then this scenario is nonetheless rather unlikely, presupposing as it does that Chos kyi rgyal mtshan, who was not a Sa skya pa but a Bka' gdams pa monk with no recorded upper echelon connections in Sa skya, had been free to roam and read at leisure in Sa skya monastery's libraries.
In the biography of Zanabazar by Zaya Pandita it was mentioned that Namkha Sonam Drakpa was the one famed for making prophecies from the Bka' gdams glegs bam.
In his treatment of the life of the Second Dalai Bla-ma sDe-srid Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho highlights especially the themes of dGe'dun rgya-mtsho being the builder of Chos-'khor rgyal and the discoverer of the visionary lake; this role is underlined with a number of propecies, mainly from different parts of the bKa' gdams glegs bam, a treatise known for its importance in legitimating the lineage of the Dalai Lamas.
5, Jackson states that Bsod nams dpal bzang po "is somewhat unsympathetic towards the junior Pandita Vibhuticandra, the so-called gDan-gcig-pas (who were strict upholders of a Vinaya-based system of discipline), and the bKa' gdams pas" and that this "negative attitude towards gDan-gcig-pas and the bKa'-gdams-pas reveals a bias which, if not actually anti-monastic, was at least opposed to the more doctrinaire and "purist" monasticism current in early-13th century Tibet.
Rje btsun khyab bdag chen po rang rig ras chen gyi gsung mgur dang zhal gdams 'chi med bdud brtsi'i rlabs 'phreng zhes bya ba, Delhi 1982.
A special and literally eye-catching attraction of the exhibition are three extraordinary large "Kadampa Chorten" (bKa' gdams pa mChod rten) from Mindrol Ling monastery (25b).