GDASGlobal Data Assimilation System
GDASGeneral Dynamics Aviation Services
GDASGlobal Delivery Application Services (Hewlett-Packard)
GDASGroupement Départemental d'Action Sociale (French: Departmental Group for Social Action)
GDASGeospatially-linked Data Access Service
GDASGlobal Deployment Analysis System
GDASGround Data Analysis Software
GDASGeospatial Domain Access Services
GDASGround Data Acquisition System
GDASGroundwater Data Analysis System
GDASGraphical Data Analysis System
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Similarly it is difficult for consumers to choose between two products if the nutritional information is presented verbally on one and numerically on the other - is a 'low-fat' cereal better for you than one which provides 12% of GDA for fat?
He also threatened to kill or cause serious harm to Gda Elaine Moyles and her husband .
Under this collaboration, Fiinovation and Pinnacle Skills will extend their services to facilitate the corporation's social welfare project for training the youth to take up the roles of General Duty Assistants (GDA).
This news was announced Friday by the Department of Agriculture after the signing of agreements with the Agricultural Development Groupings (GDA), authorizing them to exploit "immediately and free", forest products.
After we examined the model performance of surface fields and vertical profiles compared to the observations as shown in the above sections, we further check the model forecasting by calculating global anomaly correlation (AC) of geopotential heights at 500 hPa for day 5 as well as its bias and RMSE against the model analyses (GDAS).
Dan Rowley, of the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service (GDAS), said he had seen an increase in referrals relating to mephedrone use.
Thus, satellite-based sensors, such as Landsat and MODIS, provide the land surface temperate needed for estimating actual ET as a fraction of potential ET, and model-assimilated global weather datasets, such as the Global Data Assimilation System (GDAS), provide the weather parameters needed to determine potential ET.
Meteorology data type used to calculate back trajectory in this study is Global Data Assimilation System (GDAS).
You've probably noticed that some food labels display the percentage of your Guideline Daily Amount (GDAs) that the food supplies - many manufacturers show these figures to help you make sense of the information on the label.
We currently have front of pack GDAs to help consumers enjoy Kingsmill products as part of a balanced diet.
example, defines its Global Development Alliances (GDAs) as having a 1:1
Dr Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist at London's Royal Free Hospital, says guideline daily amounts (GDAs) of added sugar were "in desperate need of emergency surgery".