GDATPGeneral Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (operating unit of the General Dynamics Corporation)
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The technical phase concluded with a Tiger Team review at which upper management from PM Soldier Weapons, GDATP and its subcontractors, and independent technical reviewers were briefed on the alpha process, generated documents, expected exit criteria, contract deliverables, and the master schedule.
GDATP also fielded the Joint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector (JSLSCAD).
In September, GDATP was selected as the gun-system integrator for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, in Fort Worth, Texas.
It was to combine the GDATP Hydra-70 rocket motor, warhead and fuze with a small, strapdown solid-state laser seeker, an off-the-shelf inert ial measuring unit and a low-cost control system.
GDATPs 20 mm three-barrel Ml97 cannon is a lightweight derivative of the six- barrel M61A1 Vulcan used in fixed-wing aircraft, and can fire at up to 1500 rd/min.
It was to combine the GDATP Hydra 70 rocket motor, warhead and fuze with a small, strap-down solidstate laser seeker, an off-the-shelf inertial measuring unit and a low-cost control system.
Based on successful APKWS-ADT firings in 2002, in 2003 GDATP was selected as prime contractor for the SDD (System Development and Demonstration) phase.
The 12.7-mm Gau-19/A is the smaller brother of GDATP's 20-mm three-barrel M197 cannon; a lightened derivative of the six-barrel M61A1 Vulcan used in US fighters.
GDATP developed the CG-40 Striker as a lightweight replacement for its widely deployed Mk 19 Mod 3 40 mm AGL.
The Agusta Westland A129 and the Bell AH-1W SuperCobra have the three-barrel 20 mm GDATP M197 Gatling in a chin turret, firing at 1500 rd/min.
Confusingly, GDATP now employs the new designation to the whole Hydra 70 family, and the APKWS consequently exists in both guided and unguided forms.