GDCPGesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik (German: Society for the Teaching of Chemistry and Physics)
GDCPGeorgia Defined Contribution Plan (retirement benefits system)
GDCPGeneric Device Control Protocol
GDCPGeorgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison (Jackson, GA)
GDCPGeneric Development Control Policy (UK)
GDCPGOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) Derived Cloud Products (US NASA Langley Research Center)
GDCPGunner's Display and Control Panel
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The aim is to develop a sense of community in the midst of the larger GDCP. The movement of the course is to go from solitude to prayer to community, thus focusing on one's spiritual health before being able to reach out to others.
In addition to these curricular strategies for promoting spiritual formation, faculty attempt to make the GDCP a community where faith is supported and encouraged.
In 2013, a team of students led by one faculty member conducted a consultation project to evaluate the effectiveness of spiritual formation training in the GDCP. The team's findings give some reason for hope while also suggesting that the current plan falls short of its intent.
On occasion the organization they choose is the GDCP, making it an internal consultation.
Students come to the GDCP with high expectations for how they will be formed spiritually, and it is a high priority for faculty to provide formation opportunities for students.
42) The role of the academy in spiritual formation seems an important topic to discuss and consider in the GDCP community in the months and years ahead.
We began by describing the faculty's noble intentions for how we do spiritual formation training in the George Fox University GDCP, which was to be expected.