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The overall design of the GDeL system is aligned with the six strategies proposed in the cognitive apprenticeship model: modeling, coaching, scaffolding, articulation, reflection, and exploration.
As well as outfitting the FV510/511, the 40 CTAS is equipping the British Army's forthcoming General Dynamics' European Land Systems' (GDELS) Ajax tracked AFV family, the deliveries of which are due to commence from 2017, according to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).
GDELS said the acquisition of FWW represents a significant step in expanding General Dynamics' footprint, capability and customer offerings in Germany.
Weight 5.4 t L/W/H (travel) 10.0/2.75/2.4 m Firing sector -- Elevation -- Max rate of fire 4 rpm Crew 68 Engine power 28 hp Road speed(auton) 12 km/h Road speed (tow) 70 km/h SIAC GDELS, Spain TOWED HOWITZERS Calibre 155 mm Barrel length 52 cal.
Royston, United Kingdom, September 04, 2014 --( Sound and vibration expert, Bruel & Kjaer has entered into a Memorandum of Intention (MOI) with defence vehicle specialist, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS).
Kolbl at +41 58 158 88 97, Alexander.Koelbl@ or Benjamin R.
In fact GDELS is marketing the ATTV following an agreement made with Defenture BV, a Dutch company based in Tiel.
On 12 June GDELS demonstrated the Scout SV PMRS (Protected Mobility Reconnaissance Support) to a British Ministry of Defence delegation, the future British Army vehicle being based on the Ascod 42 platform, which was then unveiled at DVD 2014.
The Lance modular turret was developed by Rheinmetall in the mid-2000s and has now become a mature system, with the four turrets on order by GDELS now on their way to the Tercio de Armada, installed on Piranha III 8x8s adopted by Spanish amphibious troops.
The Piranha 5, equipped with a lighter RCWS, is also offered by GDELS for the Danish M113 replacement programme; to this end GDELS teamed-up with Falck Schmidt Defence Systems of Denmark, a company with considerable experience in retrofit and overhaul work that might thus well assembly the vehicles.