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GDESGeneral Data Engineering Services
GDESGeneralized Data Encryption Standard
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As this size is reported to be appropriate for PEMFCs applications [36], both the ink preparation procedure and the adopted deposition technique allow for the attainment of GDEs with properties comparable to those of the commercial sample (Ref.).
When GDEs were calculated separately for PstI:MseI and EcoRI:MseI data, the mean diversity level detected with PstI was significantly lower than the mean EcoRI-based estimate (0.51 vs.
AFLP-based GDEs and their accompanying analyses suggest a hierarchical pattern of genetic diversity within PNW adapted wheat, with cultivars nested within market classes, which are nested within growth habit.
Interestingly, the two SGAEs, [y6/y11] and [y14/y20] for Vietnam, and [y4/y10] and [y13/y20] for China, nearly coincided with the two GDEs [y4/y10] and [y13/y19], during which the growth divergence in favour of China occurred.
Elle se passionna pour les Rastignace, les Vandenesse et <les> de Marsay--elle aurait voulu etre la duchesse de Maufrigneuse--elle envie les gdes orgies--<elle s'enthousiasma> pr l'orgie de la Peau de chagrin et les amours de la torpille et les miseres de Raphael.
GDES are set to be one of Europe's first carbon positive waste management firms
Groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs) include such diverse freshwater