GDF9Growth Differentiation Factor 9
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Identify of G [right arrow] A point mutation at positions 477 and 721 in exon 2 of GDF9 gene in Kermani sheep.
Oocyte regulation of metabolic cooperativity between mouse cumulus cells and oocytes: BMP-15 and GDF9 control cholesterol biosynthesis in cumulus cells.
We believe that ASF 1A and GDF9 are two players among many others that remain to be discovered which are part of the cellular-reprogramming process," Cibelli said.
Spatiotemporal expression of the germ cell marker genes MATER, ZAR1, GDF9, BMP15, and VASA in adult bovine tissues, oocytes, and preimplantation embryos.
Hanrahan JP, Gregan SM, Mulsant P, Mullen M, Davis GH, Powell R, Galloway SM (2004) Mutations in the genes for oocitederived growth factors GDF9 and BMP15 are associated with both increased ovulation rate and sterility in Cambridge and Belclare sheep (Ovis Aries).
Among the members of this superfamily, GDF9 and BMP15, secreted by the oocyte, are important regulators of cellular functions such as proliferation, differentiation, steroidogenesis, apoptosis and expansion of cumulus in addition to significantly improving oocyte developmental competence (Eppig, 2001; Matzuk et al.
It is verified that some loci in BMP15, GDF9, BMPR-1B, other genes, and their mutations have major effects in sheep prolificacy [11, 12].
Polymorphisms of caprine GDF9 gene and their association with litter size in Jining Grey goats.
The mRNA expression of cytoplasm maturation marker genes (MOS, BMP15, GDF9, and CCNB1) was analyzed by real-time RT-PCR (Figure 3B).
In rodents, GDF9 is produced primarily in the ovaries and is localized exclusively to oocytes in growing follicles (Hayashi et al.
Three transforming growth members, BMPR-IB, BMP15, and GDF9, are the major genes of high prolificacy.