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GDFTGeneralized Discrete Fourier Transform
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At the same time, CI could effectively assess the oxygen supply of the organism under the normal condition of arterial oxygen saturation and hemoglobin17, so this study took SVV<13% and CI between 2.5-4.0 as the target to carry out GDFT. The monitoring methods of GDFT are diverse, but NICOM is more and more popular for its completely non-invasive, awake patients tolerated and simple operation.
Thus it can be seen that the difference of ScvO2 and blood lactic acid content between the two groups showed that the GDFT guided by NICOM was more conducive to maintain the balance of oxygen supply and demand to improve microcirculation.
Further studies are necessary, likewise, whether GDFT based on NICOM can be used in conscious patients to get clinical benefits during operation.
Primeiramente, todos os registros acusticos das plosivas surdas e sonoras foram registrados e tabulados individualmente, por sujeito e em cada grupo separadamente (GA e GDFT).
Na Tabela 2 sao apresentadas as comparacoes entre os registros acusticos de plosivas surdas e sonoras, em onset inicial e medial, no GDFT.
As Tabelas 3 e 4, a seguir, apresentam as comparacoes dos parametros acusticos entre os grupos GA e GDFT, para cada fonema e em onset inicial e medial.
Ao se tratar da comparacao dos parametros acusticos entre os grupos GA e GDFT, como apresentado nas Tabelas 3 e 4, verificou-se que os grupos analisados apresentaram muitas similaridades em relacao a implementacao das pistas acusticas responsaveis pelo contraste de sonoridade das consoantes plosivas do PB.
Entretanto, essa proposicao diverge do encontrado neste estudo, onde tanto no GA como no GDFT, sujeitos com padroes fonologicos tipicos, tais registros foram evidenciados.
GDFT, a recent advance in perioperative fluid management, enables to optimize hemodynamics and oxygen delivery.
All the recruited parturient were randomly allocated by the computer generated random-digit to the control ( n = 26) and GDFT group ( n = 26) [Figure 1].
LiDCO [sub]rapid Pulse Contour Analysis System was also established and calibrated to measure SV, CO and increase in SV (∆SV) in all patients, but it was only used for guiding fluid therapy in the GDFT group.
[sup][19] In the GDFT group, following coloading with LR of 10 ml/kg, LR of 3 ml/kg was infused to test the fluid responsiveness to guide the individual fluid therapy.