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GDFTGeneralized Discrete Fourier Transform
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Ao se tratar da comparacao dos parametros acusticos entre os grupos GA e GDFT, como apresentado nas Tabelas 3 e 4, verificou-se que os grupos analisados apresentaram muitas similaridades em relacao a implementacao das pistas acusticas responsaveis pelo contraste de sonoridade das consoantes plosivas do PB.
Entretanto, essa proposicao diverge do encontrado neste estudo, onde tanto no GA como no GDFT, sujeitos com padroes fonologicos tipicos, tais registros foram evidenciados.
Tabela 3--Comparacao dos parametros acusticos, em onset inicial, entre os dois grupos--adultos (GA) e criancas com desenvolvimento fonologico tipico (GDFT) Parametros Plosivas/ Mediana GA Mediana Valor de p Contexto GDFT VOT (ms) [p] 14.
sup][19] In the GDFT group, following coloading with LR of 10 ml/kg, LR of 3 ml/kg was infused to test the fluid responsiveness to guide the individual fluid therapy.
Following preliminary study ( n = 20), the incidences of hypotension were 10% in the GDFT group and 60% in the control group individually.
However, in GDFT group, there were 54% (14/26) patients challenged with a second fluid bolus, and no patients received a third one.
Following twice fluid challenge tests, the SBP, MBP, CO and SV in the GDFT group were significantly higher, and the HR was lower than that in the control group [Table 2] and [Figure 3].
In the control group, the incidence of hypotension prior to delivery was significantly higher than that in the GDFT group (61.
05), and the incidence of PuvO [sub]2 ≤21 mmHg was remarkably elevated in the control than in the GDFT group (34.
sup][35],[36] GDFT therapy based on dynamic parameters has been proven to improve postoperative outcomes and reduce postoperative complications in low to high risk patients under mechanical ventilation.
There is no evidence to support the benefits of HES over crystalloid during GDFT therapy.
sup][47] Following spinal anesthesia, the venous return and CO were optimized via LiDCO [sub]rapid guided fluid management in the GDFT group.