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GDGGoogle Developer Group (computer programming)
GDGGuideline Development Group (UK National Health Service)
GDGGeneration Data Group
GDGGewerkschaft Der Gemeindebediensteten
GDGGeneration Data Group (mainframe related file grouping method)
GDGGlobal Development Group (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
GDGGlobal Development Gateway
GDGGavin Degraw (singer/songwriter)
GDGGettysburg Discussion Group (est. 1995)
GDGGamebend Dota Gaming
GDGGiving Direct Globally
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DevFest is a global event held worldwide by the GDG communities with the support of Google.
Each local group is called a GDG chapter and can host a variety of technical activities for developers.
Increased urinary excretion of glycation adducts GdG and CEdG was indicative of diabetic nephropathy.
Therefore, this study is aimed at exploring the proactive measures from the government perspective that could be embodied in the contractual arrangements among the government, promoters and lenders in a GDG to mediate counter party's opportunistic behaviour and to enable a win-win-win situation.
GDG, one of the parties to the litigation, is an American entity.
Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are meant for developers who are interested in Google's development technology including the Android, App Engine, and Google Chrome platforms, to product APIs like the Maps API,YouTube API and Google Calendar API.
The GDG identified evidence that young women are put off attending for care due to embarrassment and perceived poor staff attitudes when attending alongside older women.
Asan aligned shareholder it is my strong belief that GDG has historically issued equity that has demonstrated accretive asset value to shareholders following the related dilution.
<p>AaAa The net banking income amounts to 1.821 billion dirhams against 1.534 billion dirhams in 2007, that is an increase of 18,7%, Bakkouri said during a meeting held to present the GDG 2008 results.
The book examines the best clinical trials resulting in the Guideline Development Group (GDG) making evidenced-based recommendations.
The deal was put together by Mike Sanders and Richard Swann from specialist golf and property finance consultancy GDG Acornbridge, based in London.
You can also code batch JCL to be more efficient in how it handles GDG bases or sequential files.