GDGSGraduate Diploma of Geomatic Studies (University of Southern Queensland; Toowoomba, Australia)
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During the event, the Google Developer Group Manama (GDG Manama), officially approved by Google, was launched.
Speakers included GDG Manama founder Lana Al Attar, university president Dr Riyad Hamza, a Google keynote speaker and three official Google Developer experts.
One potential reason is the close working relationships between the GDGs and the reviewers whether they be Cochrane employees, WHO staff, or GDG members themselves.
Interestingly, the role of GDGs in applying GRADE to assessing evidence is contrasted from standard systematic reviews, in that GDGs "need to consider the context when making a recommendation" rather than solely on the existing evidence itself (pp 117).
The GDGS, led by General Abbas Ibrahim, director General GDGS, has begun a large process of modernisation, increased efficiency, transparency and reorganisation of its departments that will last several years, creating new Territorial Centres of the General Security in each of the regional departments, it said.
Wilkinson and Hulme briefly introduce each chapter, relating the ideas of each contributing author to their own understandings of the MDGs and future GDGs and concluding with their suggested approaches to the formation of future GDGs after 2015.
On the other hand, she asserts that many of the objectives will not be met by the imposed deadline and, as such, targets for development will have to be modified and included in future GDGs. Finally, Anstee stresses that the use of targeted goals in the articulating of the MDGs resulted in many unachievable objectives due to lack of political unity in these efforts.
29 -- If you are an Android developer, or learning its development, or just an enthusiast about Android technology, you may want to attend the Android Hackathon at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai on September 1, organized by the Google Developers Group of Mumbai (GDG Mumbai).
Mumbai GDG is an open and non-profit developers group that aims to learn, share and know more about Google technologies.
* For GDGs, members were assigned to one or more of 57 diagnostic category variables.
This side effect of GDG to the government is well known to the PPP experts, and a quick solution according to their experience is to ask for a "sufficient" equity investment from the promoter.