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The Gdgt Web site has also posted a free download of the Chrome OS disk image.
AOL (NYSE:( AOL ) has acquired the tech website ( gdgt , a gadget-centric (as it name implies) and community-oriented publication co-founded by Ryan Block, a former editor-in-chief at another one of AOL's tech websites ( Engadget .
Gdgt confirmed the news Wednesday morning in a ( blog post written by Block, who said the acquisition will help the website expand its current offerings.
"At AOL, gdgt will only continue to grow and evolve as the best premium destination for purchase intelligence, recommendations, user reviews, shopping data, and community-driven content about personal technology," Block wrote.
Gdgt previously had a partnership with Engadget to feature some of the former site's content on the latter, but the two publications' official relationship ended last year.
As part of the new deal, Block and his fellow co-founder Peter Rojas will both join AOL's tech publishing team -- Block becoming head of product while Rojas will serve both as a gdgt and an editor-at-large for Engadget, which he also helped co-found.
Rojas said that "more details about how we got here and why bringing gdgt to AOL makes sense" will be forthcoming.
The easiest way to catch up-to-the-minute news is via live blogs, such as Gdgt (<a href=""></a>), which are packed with news, photos, and chatter.