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GDHGap Diffie Hellman
GDHGeneral Data Handler
GDHGlucose Dehydrogenase
GDHGlobal Digital Heritage (St. Petersburg, FL)
GDHGroup Diffie-Hellman
GDHGove District Hospital (Australia)
GDHGeothermal District Heating (alternative energy)
GDHGreat Dark Horde (Society for Creative Anachronism)
GDHGonzo Digimation Holdings (Tokyo, Japan marketing company)
GDHGestão do Desempenho Humano (Portuguese: Management of Human Performance; Brazil)
GDHGas Ducted Heating (Australian property sales)
GDHGround Data Handling
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We claim that the generic construction H3PAKE described in Figure 5 is SK-secure in the random oracle model under the GDH assumption in G and the security of the MAC scheme [SIGMA].
Communication rounds Computations (exps) Pure GDH N ([N.sup.2] + 3N)/2-1 TGDH [Log.sub.2]W 2[Log.sub.2]N-1 LDGKA [Log.sub.2]N-[Log.sub.2]m 2m[Log.sub.2]N-2m[Log.sub.2]m-m TABLE 3: Comparison of the join operation.
They presented three distinct group key agreements GDH.1, GDH.2, and GDH.3, which later was advanced as a protocol suite known as CLIQUES [13].
In addition to GS and GOGAT, another enzyme potentially involved in ammonia metabolism is GDH. It can catalyze the reductive amination of 2-oxoglutarate and the reverse catabolic reaction of oxidative deamination of glutamate.
GDH is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Tarek Al Ashram, and is part of the UAE-based Al Ashram Group of companies.
Mobilink first celebrated the GDH in 2012 through similar activities carried out by its Torchbearers.
Based on a KPMG valuation report, the Italian company has set the cash compensation at EUR107.77 per GDH share for the squeeze-out procedure.
The business will cease trading on the bourse following the squeeze-out, which is now expected to be approved at an extraordinary shareholdersa[euro](tm) meeting of GDH scheduled for 4 December.Country: GermanySector: InsuranceTarget: Generali Deutschland Holding AG (GDH)Buyer: Assicurazioni Generali SpAVendor: Minority shareholdersDeal size in USD: 312mType: P2PFinancing: Existing resourcesStatus: Bidding
Body weight, height and height SDS values Variables GSD 1a GDH 1b Ortalama [+ or -] SS BW (Kg) 21.7 [+ or -] 14.9 35.7 [+ or -] 18.8 Height (cm) 100.0 [+ or -] 26.3 125 [+ or -] 34.6 Height SDS -1.88 [+ or -] 1.17 -1.86 [+ or -] 0.45 Variables GDH 1 Ortalama SD BW (Kg) 20.2 [+ or -] 13.9 Height (cm) 97.2 [+ or -] 24.5 Height SDS -1.88 [+ or -] 1.1 BW: Body weight Table 3.
According to the latest edition of the World Bank's Global Development Horizons (GDH) report, by 2030 half the global stock of capital, totaling USD 158 trillion, will reside in the developing world, compared to less than one-third today, with countries in East Asiaand Latin America accounting for the largest shares of this stock.
We have characterised the GDH from Teldorsagia circumcincta [25], a nematode parasite, and the kinetic properties of the recombinant enzyme have also been characterised [28].
(3) As a result, alternative diagnostic methods have been proposed, including the use of toxigenic culture itself, two-step algorithms incorporating glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) "common antigen" assays, and more recently, nucleic acid amplification tests (eg, polymerase chain reaction [PCR]).