GDHSGeometric Design of Highways and Streets (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials; road-planning manual)
GDHSGeorge Dewey High School (Subic Bay, Philippines)
GDHSGeorgetown District High School (Canada)
GDHSGround Data Handling System
GDHSGreater Derry Humane Society, Inc. (East Derry, NH)
GDHSGlasgow Dental Hospital and School (Scotland, UK)
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The SBMA chair and administrator, Wilma Eisma, deplored what she described as the 'miserable condition' of the former high school, which, she said, 'has been left to waste after 14 years of neglect by [TMTSJI].' She said the condition of the former GDHS was 'heartbreaking.'
Eisma described the state of the former GDHS as 'heart-breaking' as the SBMA repossessed the 2.5-hectare complex last Friday, after the court refused to grant an injunction to The Manila Times School of Journalism Inc.
Compared with GDHS obtaining the theoretical optimum within fewer iterations in [f.sub.1], IAFSA-IHS fails to get the satisfying solution, which seems to fall into the prematurity as IABHS and IBAFSA do.
The women file from the GDHS sixth round (2014 GDHS) was used for this study.
Some parasite GDHs, like the mammalian enzymes, are allosterically modified by nucleotides [30].
RNAs synthesized by GDH: The GDHs from the control and mineral nutrient-treated peanuts synthesized about the same amount of RNA (90[+ or -]30 [micro]g) per g of seed, but the oxidative deamination, and reductive amination reaction environments determined the population of RNAs synthesized (Fig 1).
The available figures for maternal mortality ranged from 98/100,000 in urban areas in Southern Ghana to 870/100,000 in rural areas with a national average of 214/100,000 live births (GDHS 2003).
Our students then, when in Years 11 and 12, can have developed for them individual learning programmes that will lead towards further training and study, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships or employment once they complete their schooling at GDHS. Their work and curriculum components are comprised of WACE subjects such as Mathematics, English and Changemakers, Career and Enterprise studies, school-based TAFEWA Certificate 1 and 2 courses auspiced by us and in partnership with
In this essay, the goal is to discuss poverty in Ghana and link it to children's nutritional and health status, and schooling outcomes drawing on data from the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS) 1991/92 and 1998/99, and the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS) 1993 and 1998.
Using data from the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS) of 1988, the present study focuses on the impact of demographic, social, economic and interpersonal factors on family size among Ghanaian couples, The results of our study indicate that age at first marriage is a significant factor in fertility levels for wives but not for husbands.
The latter two items also were used to calculate a "good health days" (GDHs) index([dagger]) to estimate the number of days during the 30 days preceding the survey that respondents' overall health was good.