GDISGlobal Distribution Images System
GDISGeneral Dynamics Information Systems
GDISGreen Dot Internet Services PTE Ltd. (Singapore)
GDISGrid Data Integration System (computer architecture)
GDISGuam Data Interface System
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The information system includes standardized data products and process flows and a drought-related information-integrating and data-sharing platform for northern China, which represent important contributions to the global drought information system (GDIS).
A new version of the app launched by the General Directorate of Information Systems (GDIS) at the MoI also provides access to a host of additional services, including community policing and features improvements to some of the existing services.
Bokoch, "GDIs: central regulatory molecules in Rho GTPase activation," Trends in Cell Biology, vol.
Abbreviations GAP: GTPase-activating protein GDI: Guanine-nucleotide dissociation inhibitor GEF: Guanine-nucleotide exchanging factor GST: Glutathione S-transferase JNK: c-Jun N-terminal kinase PAK: p21-activated kinase PI3K: Phosphoinositide 3-kinase PLC[gamma]1: Phosphoinositol-specific phospholipase C[gamma]1 SH2: Src Homology domain 2 SH3: Src Homology domain 3.
One of the largest studies and with longer follow-ups of GDIs (Ahmed and Baerveldt) in pediatric glaucoma [76] included 38 eyes with congenital glaucoma and 32 eyes with aphakic glaucoma.
The Data Storage component part of GDIS is responsible for storing the data by using available storage back-ends such as local disk file systems (eg.
Also in the easy-to-read category are vertical and lateral course deviation indicators (GDIs) for approaches.
(18) Equation (14) describes the crowding-out effects of government's debt instruments (GDIs) on the loanable funds market.
Most notable, graph discrepancy indices (GDIs) reveal that both U.S.
Most notably, graph discrepancy indices (GDIs) reveal that both US.