GDLSGeneral Dynamics Land Systems
GDLSGraduated Driver Licence System (New Zealand)
GDLSGreenstone Digital Library Software (UNESCO)
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GDLS employs nearly 2,000 skilled workers, designers and engineers, making it probably Ontario's largest employer in the defence sector.
A GDLS Stryker team spokesperson told Armada that their selection process was driven by "must have" requirements from the US Army.
GDLS vice- president ( tracked combat vehicles) Donald Kotchman said that the partnership will help meet requirements of the defence ministry's FICV programme.
GDLS was waiting to hear about an upgrade contract to Saudi Arabia at the end of September.
On the same day as the definitization of the prime contract, GDLS exercised the production planning option with GEC & K at a firm fixed price of $3.
To further demonstrate the flexibility of the system, GDLS showed two live scenarios and one scenario by video link.
GDLS immediately implemented its emergency notification procedures.
The GDLS is a public health intervention that enables young drivers to acquire driving experience in low-risk settings and exposes beginning drivers incrementally to more challenging driving experiences (see box).
com Annual Sales: $2M Ticker Symbol: N/A Number of Employees: 13 Percentage of business - defence related: 45% Percentage of business within Canada: 60% Current DND Projects: Subcontractor to GDLS on MHP BCIP Level of investment in R&D: In 2017, Marinvent will invest in excess of 50% of its revenues in R&D
It is also used in the Marine Corps' General Dynamics Land Systems' (GDLS) LAV-M Mortar and carried for dismounted support with the GDLS M1129 Stryker mortar carrier.
In fact, more than three-quarters of the value of all military prime contracts--both foreign and domestic--went to GDLS.