GDLS-CGeneral Dynamics Land Systems - Canada
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CDR: When CDR profiled GDLS-C back in 2016, one of the things that really caught our attention was the company's sense of national pride and the company's "Canadian without compromise" motto, but we know that defence is a global business and to be successful you need to compete and win in the export market, so can you please tell us about some of your more important international business currently?
The project has been underway since 2011, when in October of that year the Canadian government announced that the $1.064 billion Implementation Phase of the LAV III Upgrade Project (LAV-UP) had been awarded to GDLS-C.
Just 11 days before the announcement of the GDLS-C contract, Amnesty International (2014) reported that "a new counter-terrorism law in Saudi Arabia will entrench existing patterns of human rights violations and serve as a further tool to suppress peaceful political dissent."
In an interview with the London Free Press, a spokesman for GDLS-C played down the news.
Designed to capitalize on lessons learned in Afghanistan while increasing the LAV III's lifespan up to 2035, GDLS-C's work on the armoured vehicles was extensive.
"This is a testament to the skills and quality of work that exist in Canada today," Danny Deep, vice-president of GDLS-C, said of the contract.
The first refitted LAV 6 rolled off the GDLS-C production line on June 24, 2013.
In October 2011, the Government of Canada announced a $1.05-billion contract to GDLS-C, based in London, Ont., for the implementation phase of the LAV III upgrade project.