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GDMGlobal DOS Memory
GDMGnome Display Manager
GDMGestational Diabetes Mellitus (medical)
GDMGlass Door Merchandiser (various companies)
GDMGlobal Digital Museum
GDMGoogle Desktop for Mac
GDMGlobal Delivery Model
GDMGregory Dickow Ministries (Chicago, IL)
GDMGeneral Dollar Magnitude
GDMGeneral Design Memorandum (USACE)
GDMGardner, Massachusetts (airport code)
GDMGlobal Data Management
GDMGovernment Debt Management
GDMGrid-Dip Meter
GDMGrain Dealers Mutual Insurance (Indianapolis, IN)
GDMGreen Dragon Media (various locations)
GDMGlobal Development Marketplace (competition)
GDMGeneral Departmental Management (US DHHS)
GDMGroup on Defense Matters
GDMGoddard Directive Management
GDMGeneral Development Map
GDMGlobal Distortion Metric
GDMGlobal Data Mart
GDMGerman Deutschmarks (obsolete currency of Germany)
GDMGoods Departed Message (UK)
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Clinical guidelines need to include post-partum screening and management for all cardiovascular risk factors in women diagnosed with GDM and not restrict it to diabetes," Daly added.
Sample size was calculated to be 90 (45 in each group) estimated by using 5% level of significance and 90% power of test with expected percentage of B12 deficiency with GDM as 51.
A secondary analysis of HAPO study data, for instance, grouped women into three categories: those with no GDM, GDM based on traditional Carpenter-Coustan criteria, and GDM based on IADPSG criteria but not the Carpenter-Coustan thresholds.
For the mother, GDM is a very strong risk factor for the development of diabetes later in life.
0 mmol/L cannot be diagnosed GDM directly, because the FPG will decrease with the increasing gestational age, but they should be considered as high-risk population of developing GDM, and nutrition and exercise recommendation should be provided.
This is of great concern because GDM is a known risk factor for future type 2 diabetes and related longterm poor health outcomes and may be associated with an increased risk of childhood obesity with specific complications both in fetus and mother in the form of early (fetal macrosomia, birth trauma and increased chances for caesarian section6 and late effects like (chances of type 2 DM in mother and increased risk of obesity and Diabetes in offspring7,8.
B8-W Grey is the GDM Baby Open diaper line that helps customers face production challenges through innovative Zero Time solutions, minimizing size change and raw materials setting adjustment time according to manufacturers' specifications.
A diagnosis of GDM can modify food habits of the entire family, for the better.
Conclusion: GDM prevalence was higher using the single-step approach than with the two-step approach.
GDM has been acquired for an initial consideration of GBP 4m (USD 4.
The worldwide prevalence of GDM is 3-9% whereas in our population prevalence is 3-3.