GDMAgestational diabetes mellitus, diet controlled
GDMAGuangdong Museum of Art (China)
GDMAGeneralized Distributed Multi-Antenna Architecture (telecommunications)
GDMAGrotesque Death Metal Artwork (graphic art company)
GDMAGraphic Design for Marketing (degree program at Kwantlen University College)
GDMAGlobal Digital Mapping Alliance (est. 2010)
GDMAGlycol Dimethacrylate
GDMAGainesville Dance and Music Association (Florida, USA)
GDMAGraduate Diploma of Mathematics
GDMAGrosse Dresdner Motorrad Ausfahrt (German: Grosse Dresdner Motorcycle Ride)
GDMAGraduate Diploma in Management and Administration
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Adhesives Zn[Cl.sub.2] Composition (wt.%) Mode of (wt.%) application Zn0 (control) 0 Zn2 2 BisGMA (20%), HEMA Zn3.5 3.5 (20%), UDMA (10%), ethanol (30%), water (4%), GDMA (15%), Camphorquinone (0.5%), EDMAB (0.5%) Zn5 5 Two consecutive BisGMA (10-20%), layers were HEMA (5-15%), applied by means ethanol (25-30%), of a microbrush SB 0 water (<5%), GDMA with an active (5-10%), UDMA mode on the (1-5%) copolymer of dentin.
Layug allegedly used his position at a US Navy facility in Yokosuka, Japan, to gain access to US Navy ship schedules and other information, which he provided to GDMA's vice-president of global operations.
GDMA chief Leonard Francis has been accused of conspiring with Misiewicz to divert US aircraft carriers, destroyers and other vessels to Asian ports where Francis could inflate costs, Sky News reports.
Beliveau is charged with tipping off GDMA about NCIS investigations into the company's contracts.
Bis-GMA,bisphenol-glycidylmethacrylate;UDMA, urethane dimethacrylate; Bis-EMA, bisphenol-A polyethylene glycol dietherdimethacrylate; TEGDMA, triethylene glycol dimethacrylate; HEMA, hydroxyethyl methacrylate; PEGDMA, Poly(ethylene glycol) dimethacrylate; MUDM, Modified urethane dimethacrylate ; EBPADMA, Ethoxylated Bisphenol A dimethacrylate; CDMA,Dimethacrylate functional oligomer derived from citric acid; GDMA,Glyceryl dimethacrylate.
This problem may arise given the fact that two different sectors, supervised by two different authorities, namely the General Directorate of Mining Affairs ("GDMA") and EMRA, are governed by independent regulatory bodies.
(GDMA) of Singapore, protests the Department of the Navy's "award" of a contract to Ambyth Shipping & Trading, Inc.
As currently formulated, resins that included surface-active adhesive monomers PMGDMA or GDMA did not meet basic physicochemical requirements for ACP composites.
GDMA Gilgit Baltistan representative said that in total, eight deaths were reported while 11 people
(GDMA) that should its violations continue, its current contract would be terminated.