GDMSGlobal Data Management System
GDMSGeospatial Data Management System (Ordnance Survey; UK)
GDMSGlobal Document Management System
GDMSGlobal Data(base) Management System
GDMSGlow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (test to define the elements in a sample)
GDMSGannett Direct Marketing Services (Louisville, KY)
GDMSGeographic Data Management System (mapping; Safe Software Inc.)
GDMSGlobal Distribution Management System
GDMSGlobal Dealer Management System (Hyundai)
GDMSGlobal Data Management Services
GDMSGuidelines for the Definition of Management Services (ITU-T M 3020)
GDMSGoddard Directives Management Systems
GDMSGun Director Mode Status
GDMSGracefully Degradable Multi-Computer System
GDMSGarden of Discovery Montessori School (Grayson, GA)
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In pregnancy, this condition exists in a few varieties; (1) a known diabetic woman becomes pregnant (2) a woman who has a history of pre-diabetes becomes diabetic during pregnancy and (3) Gestational Diabetes Mellitus(GDM), when woman becomes diabetic during pregnancy and after the pregnancy is over, her diabetes disappears.
The measured NA for metallurgical Si is 1.368 x [10.sup.15] [cm.sup.-3] by GDMS.
With regard to maternal outcomes, it was observed that mean fasting blood sugar at 36 weeks was lowered numerically and HbAIC was significantly less in metformin treated patients as compared to insulin treated GDMs. So we can say that metformin has fulfilled the demands and needs of an anti-glycemic agent.
All the participants who volunteered to participate in the study were instructed to complete the BPCS and GDMS instruments, along with a demographic sheet.
The GDMS has been developed to address some 5,000 detailed Ordnance Survey requirements in order to support up to 600 staff and 5,000 update jobs daily, which can involve the retrieval of up to 36 million map feature records and the posting of 300,000 updates.
Although the risk is particularly high in obese snorers, snoring remained an independent risk factor for developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) even after controlling for body mass index, reported Louise M.
Conforme a classificacao quantitativa, as criancas foram divididas nos seguintes grupos: grupo com Desvio Medio (GDM) com seis sujeitos, grupo com Desvio Medio-Moderado (GDMM) com cinco sujeitos e grupo com Desvio ModeradoSevero (GDMS) com tres sujeitos.
The link between the commercial escorts and BCS3 is Tapestry Solutions' Global Distribution Management System (GDMS), located in the LMCC operations center (in Baghdad's International Zone).
Yet another useful instrument that might also be incorporated into such work is Scott and Bruce's (1995) General Decision Making Style questionnaire (GDMS).