GDOSGraphics Device Operating System
GDOSGraphics Device Operating System (Atari)
GDOSGlow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (material analysis)
GDOSGlow Discharge Optical Spectroscopy
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common GDOs, whether they used a "rolling code" computer
other types of remote transmitters with its GDOs. (21) Skylink marketed
Quantitative hydrogen distribution curves were obtained by employing GDOS. The analyses of hydrogen uptake were accomplished by simply summing the specific hydrogen content (SHC) from the specimen surface to the maximum hydrogen diffusion depth (MHD) listed in Table 5.
SHC values can outcome automatically after GDOS analyses.
No todas las variables presentaron autocorrelacion espacial, entre ellas, las variables estructurales G, Gdos, Ndos y sp, aunque estas dos ultimas variables siguen un leve patron de regionalizacion por el incremento de la semivarianza con el aumento de la distancia (Fig.
CUADRO 1 Variables estructurales del bosque en una parcela de 6ha (120x500m) en el PNNA usando la BD-2 TABLE 1 Structural variables in a 6ha plot (120x500m) in the Amacayacu National Park using the BD-2 G Gsot Gdos N Nsot Ndos [m.sub.2] Individuos /0.01ha /0.01ha [barra.X] 0.32 0.04 0.28 48.89 43.09 5.80 S 0.20 0.01 0.20 12.62 12.39 2.28 Max 1.19 0.08 1.16 89.00 87.00 13.00 Min 0.05 0.01 0.01 17.00 16.00 1.00 sp/0.01ha [barra.X] 5.24 S 2.08 Max 11.00 Min 1.00 Media ([barra.X] [barra.X]), desviacion estandar (S) y valor maximo (Max) y minimo (Min) de cada una de las variables estructurales para las 177 sub-parcelas de 10x10m.
the copyright laws authorize consumers to use the copy of Chamberlain's software embedded in the GDOs that they purchased." (125)
(13.) Gontijo KNS, Candotti CT, Feijo Gdos S, Ribeiro LP, Loss JF.