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GDPGross Domestic Product
GDPGeneral Dental Practitioner
GDPGood Distribution Practice
GDPGewerkschaft Der Polizei
GDPGrounded Into Double Play (baseball)
GDPGrand Daddy Purple (marijuana strain)
GDPGrundig DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) Player
GDPGlow Discharge Plasma
GDPGraduate Development Programme (various locations)
GDPGraduate Degree Program
GDPGround Delay Program (aviation traffic flow initiative)
GDPGeneral Development Policies (various organizations)
GDPGuanosine 5'-Diphosphate
GDPGaseous Diffusion Plant
GDPGeneral Data Processor
GDPGraphic Display Processor
GDPGood Documentation Practice
GDPGestione Delle Presenze (Italian: Management of Attendance; software)
GDPGeneral Defense Plan (SACEUR)
GDPGateway Discovery Protocol
GDPGroup Design Project
GDPGround Data Processing
GDPGlobal Delivery Platform (various companies)
GDPGroupes de Pairs (French: Peer Groups)
GDPGlobal Data Pool
GDPGlobal Development Process (various companies)
GDPGlobal Drifter Program
GDPGraphics Display Processor
GDPGeneralized Drawing Primitive
GDPGlucose Degradation Product
GDPGreen Data Project
GDPGas Detection Panel
GDPGeneric Printer Description
GDPGiant Depolarizing Synaptic Potential (neurology)
GDPGun Director Pointer (US Navy)
GDPGeneralized Documentation Processor
GDPGround-Delay Programme (air traffic management)
GDPGroup Design Process
GDPGeneral Duties of Pilot (Pakistan)
GDPGlobal Detection Probability
GDPGeneric Deployment Plan
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Yet, most of the politicians and economists would rely on the growth rate of GDP to make an argument in favour of or against any policy.
95 percent, knowing the OECD's GDP per capita reaches highs of $42,098 as per 2016's OECD data, while Lebanon's GDP per capita amounts to $11,900.
Experts attributed the slow GDP growth to sluggish domestic consumption and bank lending.
While I don't think we should give up on this search, it has been impossible to convince national account statisticians and politicians to replace the GDP with a better indicator.
Coyle's book documents several methodological changes to GDP calculations and their political implications.
According to my revision study for the 52 quarters between the second quarter of 2002, when the current estimations began, and the first quarter of 2015, the average revised range for the real GDP growth rate between the 1st and 2nd Preliminary Estimate is almost zero.
6 - The United Arab Emirates - $67,674 GDP (PPP) per capita
If one reviews trade growth and GDP growth figures over time, it is normal to see them grow in tandem in all good economies.
But when reams are written on the size of the Indian economy and the speed at which it is growing, what is often glossed over is one other piece of data - that in terms of GDP per capita or income per capita, India is not in the Top 10.
A new methodology used by Eurostat has lead to a shrinking of the debt as a percentage of GDP of 9.
The graphs at right show the countries with the highest GDP in 2013 and 1980.