GDPAGeneral Data Protection Regulation (EU)
GDPAGeneral Dental Practitioners Association (trade union; UK)
GDPAGeneral Directorate of Petroleum Affairs (Ministry of Energy; Turkey)
GDPAGas Drive Plasma Pinch
GDPAGraphical Development Process Assistant (German computing tool)
GDPAGraphical Design Process Assistant
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The two sides, therefore, decided to open several traditional border trade markets between China and areas under Viet Minh control for "small-scale border trade." In the summer of 1952, the People's Republic of China and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) decided to open nine pairs of border markets, including Zhennan Guan-Bong Bang and Hekou-Lao Cai (GDPA no.
It's the latest phase of development for GDPA, which helps disadvantaged young people not in employment, education or training - as well as young offenders - to find their way in life.
A major motivation for the GDPA is to counter the chilling effect of the global gag rule even when it is not in place: Because of the high risk of the global gag rule returning with a change in U.S.
Therefore, before deflating GDPA, GDPDEF must be reindexed.
This compared withA consolidated budgetA surplusA of BGN 1.07 B, equivalent to 1.2% ofA GDPA at the end of April A 2015.
"Dominic Mills of GDPA has helped us to involve these kids and it's been a good experience for them as it allowed them to be around someone creative, which some may not have had the opportunity to be before."
The Global Democracy Promotion Act (GDPA), which would negate the gag rule in law and prevent future presidents from bringing it back with the stroke of a pen, has attracted more than 100 cosponsors in the House and 18 in the Senate.
"I'm going to a meeting with GDPA to see where we go next." To thank everyone who helped them with their album, Jay and Aiden will play it live for the first time in Huddersfield tonight at a free gig at Bates Mill on Milford Street, Huddersfield.
This was the first time thatA Bulgaria'sA GDPA expanded since theA recessionA set in at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.
A recording studio, large production station and computers, all given by Microsoft thanks to work by the GDPA project, are now in almost constant use at the unit in the centre, which is filled with the sound of music and singing.
He is tasked with finding young people in disadvantaged communities and encouraging them to get involved with GDPA, where they undertake education programmes and are helped to do further training or college courses to get the job they want.