GDPGGender, Development and Participatory Governance (training course)
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However, GDP growth rate (GDPG) has negative and significant impact on banking NPLs at 5 percent and 10 percent level of significance in model 2 and 4 respectively.
GDP growth (annual GDPG is annual growth rate of economy based on %) constant 2005 U.S.
The statistically significant result of GDPG and positive coefficient means that Pakistani banks are forward- looking i.e.
Macroeconomic/non-financial industry specific variables: Economic Growth GDPG 0.0550 0.0457 Stock Market Development SMD -0.0210 0.0079 Credit Market Development CMD 0.0108 0.02398 [DELTA] Real Depreciation [DELTA] RD 0.2249 0.0484 (-1) Inflation INF 0.2918 0.0834 Industrial Growth IG 0.2562 0.0655 Local Variable Symbol t-Statistic Prob.
During the 2011 Japanese earthquake, the GDPG and SDGP alone combined to send more than 20 reporters to Japan.
Once again we use the real GDP growth rate (GDPg) series as an example.
As showed in column "IDC-1", "IDC-2", and "DEV" of Table 2, we find that three market factors, GDP, RGDPpc, and GDPG, and the trade openness of a host market have the same expected results, namely positive effects on FDI, as we estimated in Table 1.
se evaluaron los efectos entre familias (n=12), con un total de 84 individuos (72 progenies y 12 padres) para las caracteristicas de crecimiento: peso al nacimiento (peso 0m), peso al destete (peso9m), peso al ano (peso12m) , peso a los 16 meses (peso16m), area de ojo del lomo a los 12 y 16 meses (AOLpeso12m y AOL peso16m), espesor de grasa dorsal a los 12 y 16 meses (EG peso12 m y EG peso16m), espesor de grasa del anca a los 12 y 16 meses (P8 peso12m y P8 peso16m), ganancia diaria predestete y posdestete (GDD y GDPG) y los genotipos de los genes MYF5, PDE1B, IGF1, y de los microsatelites BM6026, CssM34, RM500, ETH10.
Thus, to control for the host country's market size and market potential, I use GDP per capita (GDPPC), the growth rate of GDP (GDPG), and the growth rate of population (POPG).
Variables/Measures Used Variable Per Capita GDP Growth (GDPG) Log of Initial GDP Per Capita (LGDP) Ethnic Fractionalization (ETHNIC) Assassinations (ASSAS) Institutional Quality (ICRGE) M2/GDP Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) dummy East Asian (EASIA) dummy Budget Surplus (BB) Inflation (INFL) Sachs-Warner Openness Variable Effective Development Assistance/Real GDP (AID), Adjusted for PPP Climate Sources: World Development Indicator 2003; Roodman 2004.