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To complement and reinforce the surveillance system, the GDPM in collaboration with CDC launched an EBS pilot project in 2016 focusing on communities and HCFs, including hospitals.
For phase 1 implementation, GDPM selected the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and the Pasteur Institute of Ho Chi Minh City, the 2 larger Regional Institutes, and worked with them to select 2 pilot provinces per region.
The GDPM formed an EBS Technical Working Group (TWG) consisting of stakeholders from the Ministry of Health, including the 2 Regional Institutes, PATH (an international organization), CDC, WHO, and technical staff from the pilot province PPMC.
Twenty-four master trainers were trained in August 2016: two from each province and 16 GDPM and Regional Institute staff.
The online acceptability survey was sent to the entire EBS workforce in the pilot provinces, but GDPM closed the survey after only 3 weeks.
As soon as learning the information, a working group by the GDPM went to Thanh Hoa to inspect and quarantine those who had contacts with the dead.
For those returning from South Korea to the economic zone in the past 14 days, they will self-quarantine in their accommodation and receive health monitoring, said the GDPM.
Despite being swallowed up by his civil servants, our GDPM is still seen as the Defender of the Faith by Old Labour.
Samples of these victims have been tested to give positive results with avian H1N1 flu, which caused an epidemic in Vietnam in 2009, Vietnam's state-run television VTV quoted a report by the GDPM as saying on Monday.
The GDPM representative advised local authorities to cooperate with the healthcare sector for early detection of new H1N1 flu case, so that they will be isolated, diagnosed and treated promptly.
Summary of the forecast - UK economy Real gross national Real income (a) GDPM (a) Unemployment (b) CPI (c) 2015 3.7 2.4 5.3 0.2 2016 2.7 2.3 5.3 1.3 2017 2.5 2.6 5.0 2.1 External current RPIX (d) balance (e) PSNB (f) 2015 1.3 -78.0 79.6 2016 2.1 -83.6 54.0 2017 2.7 -87.4 30.6 (a) Percentage change, year-on-year, (b) ILO definition, fourth quarter, rate, (c) Consumer prices index, percentage change, fourth quarter on fourth quarter, (d) Retail price index, excluding mortgages, percentage change, fourth quarter on fourth quarter, (e) Year, [pounds sterling] billion, (f) Public sector net borrowing, fiscal year, [pounds sterling] billion.
GDPM, GDPB and Real Net National Income (1) GDP at basic prices and at market prices GDP in real terms is, for most purposes, now presented at market prices (GDPM) and is calculated using a chain-linked index approximation to an optimal Divisa index.