GDRCGlobal Development Research Center
GDRCGenomic Disorders Research Centre (est. 1996; Victoria, Australia)
GDRCGovernment Data Research Center of Japan
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A realizacao da ACV contempla: a) compilacao de um inventario de entradas de energia e materiais relevantes inseridos e emissoes ambientais; b) avaliacao do impacto ambiental associado com entradas e saidas identificadas; c) interpretacao dos resultados sobre o impacto do produto ou processo, para melhor nivel de informacao de tomadores de decisao (GDRC, 2017).
Article 89 of the Forest Code makes provisions for local people to be involved in forest governance via a social agreement (cahiers de charge), with logging companies (GDRC 2002).
In addition to this legal framework, the DRC embarked on a decentralization reform in 2006, with the intention to transfer power and fiscal resources to the regional and local levels (GDRC 2006).
The GDRC should become party to the UN Convention against Corruption and the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.
In some major cities, losses can run as high as 40% to 70%, in KSA leakage losses are about 35% (GDRC, 2010).