GDRPGross Domestic Regional Product
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* Direct Data Processors Obligations: Another proposed feature of the GDRP is the introduction of some direct obligations on data processors such as maintaining records of processing activities and security requirements.
One advantage of the proposed "one--stop shop" GDRP is to simplify the regime for third country data transfers from the EU to the US and elsewhere, with EU national authorities no longer able to implement their own additional procedures on top of the EU 'adequacy' requirements.
Table 5 GDRP (at 2000 constant price) of selected regions of Districts/Municipalities 2005 2009 ** Merauke 1127 1394 Nabire 782 794 Mimika 14957 12432 Keerom 181 325 Kota Jayapura 1713 2777 (1) Total of 5 regions 18760 17722 (2) Total of Reg./Mun.
The table shows there is no large difference between the South Coast, the North Coast and the Inland regions in GDRP non oil per capita.
There is a small shift in the best of three regions if we use GDRP density.
Article 82 of GDRP, anyone can claim for material or non-material damage, meaning
The GDRP provides that personal data most be processed lawfully, pursuant to one of the grounds provided in the GDPR, including, for example, with the individual's consent, to perform a contract, to comply with legal obligations.
These changes include the shift from programmatic guaranteed to audience guaranteed, and the introduction of GDRP.
Bottom line: The GDRP notification is more than just saying you have had an incident.
Cognia's teams of lawyers and consultants have developed integrated, technology‑driven solutions that support market participants for BAU and project work, this includes solving the challenges brought about by new regulations (EMIR, MIFID II, GDRP, etc.) and structural changes being driven by events such as Brexit.