GDSCGovernment Data Standards Catalogue (UK e-Government Interoperability Framework)
GDSCGlobal Distance Support Center (US Navy)
GDSCGeographic Data Service Center
GDSCGenetically-Determined Stereotypic Convulsions
GDSCGlobal Debt Service Coverage
GDSCGeo-Data Service Centre
GDSCGeneralized Diversity Selection Combining
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Whether direct sales will be a career like any other or why Indian direct selling company is not successful, have an extended discussion with the pioneers of GDSC.
"Examples include improved information directly available to the six pilot ships through One Touch without having to call a given item manager, thereby making the Item Managers more efficient, and a seven percent increase in the use of GDSC as an escalation point for additional clarification on backorder status."
The GDSC data for gene expression profiles (Affymetrix Human Genome U219 array) and drug sensitivities (IC50) were downloaded from the Wellcome Sanger Institute website:
The GDSC data analysis showed that the PLK1 expression negatively correlated with the HLA activity in cancer cell lines (Spearman correlation, R=-0.12, P=2.0 * [10.sup.-4]) (Figure 2(a)).
This Web-based application allows a unit to submit an allowance change request via the GDSC's Website.
The GDSC is available to assist any unit experiencing problems with internet connectivity.
To streamline processes and reduce investments, the GDSC is developing a strategy to consolidate more than 400 help desks and call centers worldwide that provide vital services to a variety of customers including: Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), SPAWAR, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Personnel Command, Navy Reserve Force and Navy Recruiting Command.
GDSC, through their customer service representatives (CSRs), provides a supply and logistics technical expert available on the phone, via e-mail, fax or, most recently, via an OTS support request.
"All this information, the customer information, type of support request, and actions taken to satisfy the request, are captured by the customer support representative located at the GDSC," said COMFISCS GDSC Program Manager, Deborah McGlennon.
"The capability allows users to submit support requests from OTS directly to the GDSC and LSC via a new interface to the Navy's CRM system," said OTS Program Manager, Mike Zabarouskas of Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS).
The Global Distance Support Center (GDSC) partnered with Navel Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Navy Personnel Development Command (NPDC) to seamlessly handle contacts related to mustering survivors, queries related to survivors, and supply and logistics support for forces moving to or in the Katrina disaster area.
"We looked at the location of our customers and they are worldwide," said Deborah McGlennon, the GDSC program manager, who explained the reason for the name change.