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GDSMGeneral Department Store Merchandise
GDSMGray Dragon Scale Mail (gaming, NetHack)
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In an emotional statement read after the inquest, Gdsm Shadrake's mum, Catherine Griffiths, said: "Jamie was a brilliant son, tremendous brother, friend.
Gdsm Wakefield, who was in the news back in November 2002 after trying to rescue a friend who had fallen into the freezing waters of the River Tyne, had been on a six-month tour of duty of Iraq.
Soldiers at the operations base at the compound called to Gdsm Shadrake, who was wearing body armour, to check if he was OK.
Gdsm Reuben's proud parents, Keith and Jayne, live in Northfield, Birmingham.
Gdsm Andrew Richards, 20, Merthyr Tydfil: Lots of love to all my family and lots of love to my wife Lisa Richards.
GDSM BRETT KELLY FELLOW Queen's Company guardsman Brett Kelly, aged 21, of Tile Hill, Coventry, said he was looking forward to coming home and watching his beloved Coventry City FC.
Comment The Ministry of Defence said his body, and the body of Gdsm Sweeney, will be repatriated on Friday.
Gdsm Robertson was flown back to Britain from the war-torn country, last Friday, where he had been serving with the Coldstream Guards.
TO GDSM Cameron MacDougall, we are thinking of u cammie and hope u are doing well , keep your chin up we are keeping you in our prayers God bless you - Love GDSM Jim Rundle and family.
Gdsm Cooper said: "They shouldn't just try to palm you off with money.
However, Gdsm Cooper, who is back on Tyneside for a four-week break from his recovery at the Headley Court rehabilitation centre in Surrey, said no price can be placed on losing a limb.