GDSMNGuardsman (private in the Footguards regiments UK/Canada)
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Gdsmn Talbot, who joined the Coldstream Guards in 2013, had volunteered for the counter-poaching operation.
His commanding officer Lt Col Ed Launders said: "I'll always feel honoured to have served alongside Gdsmn Mathew Talbot.
Paying tribute to the bravery of Gdsmn Shadrake and his soldier colleagues, Coroner John Gittins recorded in a narrative conclusion that he was "unlawfully killed whilst on active service".
In an emotional statement read after the inquest, Gdsmn Shadrake's mum, Catherine Griffiths, said: "Jamie was a brilliant son, tremendous brother, friend.
Gdsmn Jones and Afghan policemen then stopped him from firing again, fearful that the police officers were chasing the real gunmen, only to realise the truth when it was too late.
Now, local councillors are planning to recognise Gdsmn Sweeney's service by adding his name to the town's war memorial.
A statement from Gdsmn Sweeney's parents and fiancee said: "He was the greatest son, brother and fiance to Michelle you could possibly ask for."
Gdsmn Edwards' sisters Barbara Royles, 53, and Mandy Perkins, 51, picked up the cross and scrolls.
Gdsmn Cooper is also determined to stay in the Army, and is currently making excellent progress at the Headley Court military rehabilitation centre in Surrey.
Now safely back on English soil, Gdsmn Cooper last night stated his intention to stay in the Army following the November 15 blast that claimed his limb.
It was on November 15 last year when Gdsmn Cooper triggered the deadly device while hunting insurgents near the village of Babaji, Helmand Province.
Cpl James Cartwright, 21; Maj Paul Harding, 48; Cpl John Rigby, 24; Pte Scott Kennedy, 20; Pte James Kerr, 20; Cpl Paul Joszko, 28; Rfm Edward Vakabua, 23; L Cpl Ryan Francis, 23; Cpl Christopher Read, 22; SAC Matthew Caulwell, 22; SAC Peter McFerran, 24; SAC Christopher Dunsmore, 29; L Cpl Timothy Flowers, 25; Cpl Steve Edwards, 35; Pte Craig Barber, 20; LAC Martin Beard, 20; L Sgt Chris Casey, 27; L Cpl Kirk Redpath, 22; Sgt Eddie Collins, 33; Sgt Mark Stansfield, 32; L Cpl Sarah Holmes 26; Tpr Lee Fitzsimmons, 26; Gdsmn Stephen Ferguson, 31; Sgt Duane Barwood, 41; L Cpl David Kenneth Wilson, 27; Cpl Lee Churcher, 32; Pte Ryan Wrathall, 21, and two unnamed.