GDSNGlobal Data Synchronization Network
GDSNGuardian Digital Secure Network
GDSNGlobal Digital Seismograph Network
GDSNGlobal Digital Seismic Network
GDSNGlobal Data Storage Network (computing)
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Delivering a complete solution for master data management, with pre-configured modules that have out-of-the-box validation, and the broadest coverage for Global Data Synchronization (GDSN) and UDI compliance to any market in the world.
"For facilities receiving items and applying a license plate number for storage and retrieval purposes, or applying shipping information for outbound orders, our equipment can use the data in the code to determine the dimensions of the product and the appropriate location to apply the label by conferring with the GDSN database."
The new GDSN Major Release reflects retailers' and brands' desire to deliver a great consumer experience across the distributed commerce network.
"This is the first time information can seamlessly and accurately flow when SmartLabel participants publish out via the GDSN and data recipients receive that information," says GMA's Flannery.
That mistake, Gdsn Bellis said, really "p*** everyone off ".
So will 2010 be the breakout year for GDSN, or will it be another year of gradual progress toward a distant goal?
LETTERS: Business Tech Acronyms EDI Electronic data interchange; carries purchase orders, invoices GDSN Global data synchronization network; shares data with trading partners SaaS Software as a service; alternative to outright purchase SAP Prominent business management software provider VAN Value added network; "post office" for transmitting data Source: Wine Industry Technology Symposium speakers, Wikipedia.
These standards include: Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN); Global Location Number (GLN); and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).
HELPING HAND: Welsh Guards Cpl Lee Morris and Gdsn Rob Davies help Janine Tyres, 14, and Calum Foley, 11, with their artwork at the Children's Hospital for Wales in Cardiff PICTURE: Mark Fraser
The launch of GS1 UK also heralds the arrival of a series of new products, services and solutions such as EPCglobal, traceability solutions and the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).