GDSSGroup Decision Support System
GDSSGlobal Decision Support System
GDSSGender & Development Seminar Series
GDSSGlobal Defense Support System
GDSSGround Defense Subsector Status Product (WCCS)
GDSSGood Day Sunshine
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One of the three GDSs has supported this arrangement which will allow BA and IB to waive the DTC for bookings made through this GDS from 1 November.
Although American Express GBT says BA and Iberia are both in talks with the other GDSs to offer the same benefit, the deal is currently applicable to all bookings made through the Amadeus GDS.
The GDSs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, with each GDS representing 10 Shares under the symbol 'OGDC'.
A well-known MCDM model that has been used in GDSS is Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) [26-28].
More than just a system for tracking current operations, the logistics feature of GDSS 2 enables those with access to review historical aircraft recovery data, whether for purposes of recalling specific issues or to facilitate analysis for process improvement.
As has been true at most other institutions, the GDSS was initially designed for a face-to-face (same time and same place) decision room meeting environment.
To visualize the potential benefit of using GDSS, consider how the project would progress using traditional meeting techniques.
Johnson said the IT committees were looking at ways to broaden participation by putting some form of GDSS online, a formidable technological challenge.
Studies have shown that GDSS sessions can reduce meeting time while increasing group satisfaction and meeting effectiveness, and students using it in classes here prefer it over traditional, verbal seminars.
A GDSS is a computer-based system implemented on a local area network with software for the support of meetings and other group work (Dennis, et al.
Interest and research in the area of GDSS is growing due to the systems' ability to enhance group productivity and interaction.
In this article, we describe how a GDSS may be used to support library staff meetings.